Dr Kesser Turkey 1000 grafts FUE hairline repair 18th Dec 2016

Hi Guys,

Wanted to do a shout out for Dr Keser in Ankara

Basically I went for a repair surgery with Dr Keser for the following reasons

He was recommended
He only extracts and implants a maximum of 500 grafts per day (I think this greatly increases survivability)
Reasonable price
I liked his work and he seems ethical - I couldn’t find a single bad review online of his work

My experience was very very good. So far things are going extraordinarily well. Especially in comparison to my terrible experience with Dr Dogannay also from Turkey.

Firstly - the clinic is small but clean and comfortable. The staff were all very professional and polite and made me feel as comfortable as possible. This was hard as I was just getting sick with the flu and actually had to travel with full blown flu which hit me over the course of my final day in Turkey.

On the first day Dr Keser asked me to draw a hair line so he could see my expectations. Once he’d seen what I wanted he agreed it was viable and asked if he could then draw it properly. He spent quite a long time drawing, measuring, rubbing out, re drawing until he asked my opinion. I thought he’d calculated a good hair line positioning and was perfectly happy with his design. I was also reassured to see that he seemed quite self critical and thorough.

From this point things went as comfortable as they can go under the circumstances and despite injection pain I felt no pain at all. The hotel they booked for me was decent and the food was good too. The whole process was over and done with quickly and smoothly and my initial thoughts were really positive as I could see he had achieved a really high density. On this note, he estimated 1500 grafts via email but because my grafts were so good with a high number of triples and doubles he only need 1000 grafts which saved me a lot of money. I appreciated this as I was kinda broke due to Christmas and all…

Now… upon returning home and being really ill with the flu which I’m sure I caught at the airport on my way to Turkey as everyone seemed to be ill when I flew I was pleased to find that my healing was really really rapid. Unlike the Doganay experience, which my scalp took a full year to stop scaling and irritating me, I was only mildly sore for a few days with minimal swelling. I’m now at day 45 or so and I have no soreness or tenderness whatsoever and have not had so for many weeks already. The best thing is approx 30% of my hairs never fell out and I have already got new stubble growing where the follicles did fall out. This is quite a shock to me as I’m at approx 6 weeks post op and I already have more hair growth than at a year post op from Dr Doganays techs using 2100 grafts.

The donor areas used have zero sign of depletion also. In short I’ve gone from a nightmare situation to a really really great position with all signs boding well for the future. Post operation from the Dogannay disaster my skin never really recovered and I had lumps and bumps and scaling skin which I could scratch away with a finger nail more than a year post op. These areas were obviously implanted into a second time and it seems that the second surgery over the top of the old surgery has allowed my skin to smoothen out and repair itself. I would imagine having a similar effect to derma rolling. I actually kinda prayed this would happen and suspected it might from my research so I got lucky in this regard.

There are a couple of factors that I have influenced myself this time that probably have aided my post op recovery, skin healing and ultra fast growth-

I ran a cycle of Thymosine beta 4 post operatively to aid healing ( I healed ultra fast )
I am using GHRP-6 - Only x1 injection nightly as my job doesn’t enable me to inject during the day and mornings I’m always in a rush
I use a low dose of loniten (oral minoxidil)

I have really only got good things to say about Dr Keser and his team and though it is still early days for me I kinda know that I’m going to have a great result already as even right now there is a distinct improvement. Normally at this period you look worse rather than better.

When I get time I will post some pics and if the Dr wants to post any (with my face covered) he has my permission.

Good luck to all :slight_smile:

This caught my attention. Oral Minoxidil? I remember reading about this a long time ago that some people see good hair growth. What dose are you using?

Who advised you to try oral minoxidil or how did you find out about this?

How far did you have to travel to see this doctor in Turkey? Are you from the US or somewhere in Europe?

I use 10mg at night. I wouldn’t advise this though. I seem to tolerate minox very well. Zero side effects. Heart rhythm is stable etc and no water retention.

This is not something I intend to use long term. I am currently trialling CB0301 at 50-100mg per day in neogenic. If I get thickening of my crown I will drop the loniten or at least reduce to 5mg per day

I’m UK. As I recall it’s about a 4 hour flight. 2 flights to be precise unless you want to pay big money. Brutal if you have the flu. OMG I can’t believe I made it back alive. Had to drive 2 hours when I touched down too. Was a nightmare.

Good post. You had to drive 2 hours in order to get to Dr Kesser’s clinic after touching down or you had to drive 2 hours to get home after touching down? can you clarify?

2 Hours home after I touched down in the U.K

Why did you go back to Turkey twice when you had a bad experience the very first time? I would stay away from anything that didn’t work the first time. Is it really that much cheaper to get it done in Turkey than UK?

Do you really think that all people of a nation are the same?

I went back to Turkey because the Doctor I chose had all the hallmarks of a very thorough and professional service but for less than half the price of a doctor in the UK. Besides, I could not find a doctor in the UK anywhere near as high quality as Dr Keser.

There are a few in Europe that possibly match his quality but I wouldn’t say they were any better, probably not as good, but again, far more expensive.

A little over 2 1/2 months post op now.

In the end about 20% of the hairs grew right away. Took a long time for all mine to shed. I have an abundence of new growth appearing already. Some new growth began as early as 6 weeks but now there is tiny stubble everywhere. Quite excited about the future months.

@Monty8791 Am glad you were able to find a good doctor for what you needed. Can you upload BEFORE and post op pics?

haven’t done afters yet. I’m at 11 weeks though so the very very beginning of growth but looking good considering the short time. Will take pics in a week or so at 3 months ish.

Here are some before shots which are post operative of my Dogannay experience by 1 year.

As you can see the transplant was an abject failure and left me with bumps and pits in my skin which took a full year to recover from the op and never fully recovered.

How about the fue scars from your first surgery? Did Dr Keser say they look acceptable?

It was never discussed as I recall. However, I was over harvested in areas and it left me visibly thinning at the back of my head.

Dr Keser however, I can see no sign of thinning whatsoever from the areas he harvested.

Can’t really speak highly enough of Dr Keser’s work frankly. I’m just coming up to 3 month mark and tons of obvious stubble all over the recipient area.

sorry for poor photos. Difficult to take with front facing camera so I only shot 1 temple… I took the shot with wet hair as my hair is fine and dark blonde so when wet you can see the hairs easier.

3 months to the day yesterday. Early results are outstanding :slight_smile:

Repair looks impressive. Seeing that it went from see through to dense on that hairline. Especially, considering the texture of your hair.


Not made much progress since unfortunately but I’m only still at 4 1/2 months. Had tons of growth up to 3 1/2 months but nothing in the last month.

Hoping this isn’t all I’m getting…

You should be seeing progress real soon. Within the next two months. Hope it fills in. Thank you for sharing this though.