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Dr. Keser - 2550 grafts + 1900 grafts FUE


Dr. Keser, Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey presents this case, Spanish patient, 31 years-old. The patient used Finasteride after his first transplant:

November 2010 -------> 2550 grafts FUE
November 2011 -------> 1900 grafts FUE

Photos are of the first transplant at 7 months from the first and 6 months after the second transplant.

The patient commented (in Spanish): 'La operación ha ido muy bien el Dr y su equipo como siempre geniales, el trato humano dispuestas por todos los que trabajaís para la clinica ha sido excelente.

Which means: ‘The operation has gone very well and the doctor and his team were fantastic as always, the humane treatment of all those who work in the clinic has been excellent.’

Pre-surgery - November 2010 trasplant

Post-surgery November 2010

1st transplant at 7 months June 2011

November 2011 - before the 2nd transplant and 12 months after the 1st

2nd transplant - November 2011 - 1900 grafts FUE

At 4 months after the 2nd transplant

At 6 months after the 2nd surgery


I’m a fan of Dr. Keser’s work and this looks pretty good. My only issue is that I think this person would have benefited from a more serrated hairline. Some of the bottom photos of this patient in profile show a rather severe and uniform hairline… I would love to hear why it is that some doctors don’t make a more serrated line as a matter of course. Is it just artistic preference? Is there a downside? Thanks.


Thank you for your commentaries. Some patients like and ask for a more defined hairline, others want a more serrated hairline, it is question of personal preference. All of Dr. Keser’s patients are encouraged to discuss their preferences with him, so a design, and any other cosmetic detail is established before the transplant begins, that way the patient knows he will receive exactly what he asked for.