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Dr. Keser - 2400 grafts FUE at 7 months

Dr. Keser, Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey, presents one of his cases, patient has been losing hair for 10 years now, had used Propecia and Minoxidil for 10 years also, with some results, but as soon as he stopped their use it went rapidly downhill.

According to patient, ‘After a lot of comparing the results and searching for the best doctor I decided to put my head in the hands of Dr. Muttalip Keser from Ankara, Turkey. It was a Great choice!’ It went well for the patient from the start, ‘Dr. Keser asociate, Mehmet, a great guy, picked me up from the airport and he was kind of taking care of me for the whole time there.’

Patient experienced no pain, as he got local anaesthesia all the time. Dr. Keser’s main objective was the patient to be comfortable, and not experience any pain during the procedure. Patient received 2400 grafts FUE in 5 days with 1 day off. His main objective was to fill up the crown and get as much density as possible, whatever grafts left were implanted on the hair line and to appear as much natural as it can be.

Patient declared, ‘Everything I imagined and wished for, was carefully considered and perfectly performed by Dr. Keser and his assistants.’

Before transplant


At 4 months

At 7 months

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