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Dr.keser 1410 grafts

Dr.Keser, Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey, presents one of his most recent cases. Patient 33 years-old, from Northern Europe, uses Finasteride for the past 6 years, and needed to reconstruct his hair line. Knowing that the hair line is the specialty of Dr.Keser, and that he achieves very natural results, for which he is considered one of the best transplant specialists in that area, he chose him.

The patient also considered very good that Dr.Keser does all the critical procedures of transplant, such as graft extraction and implantation, with the help of 2 attendees with long yars of experience.

The patient was able to testify the professionalism of Dr.Keser and his assistants during all stages of his treatment. The patient declared: ‘Dr.Keser really seems more interested in the final result of his patient than to earn a lot of money with people. Dr.Keser and his assistants had very good patience with me and made me feel comfortable. At the end of day 3, when he implemented the last grafts, Dr. made me sit down and walk around the table of the bed to see the hair line from different angles. Then they told me to go to the bed and Dr. returned to the original position to refine with more grafts. This was repeated about 4-5 times and even extracted some more grafts. This really made me feel quite calm and in good hands. I think Dr. Keser is a perfectionist and an artist. The future final result will be the judge of that so that everything goes well and elegant.’

We will upload updated photos of the patient, when he can provide them.







Thats a touch up. Touch ups shouldn’t be considered hair transplants let along worthy for attention. Not saying its a bad result, its really good. But challenges in transplantation should involve challenges in overcoming a mountain, not a mole hill.

‘overcoming a mountain?’

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