Dr. keser - 1.700 grafts fue

Dr. Keser, Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey, presents one of his cases, 25-year-old patient with fine hair and treated with finasteride before surgery.

1700 grafts. Dr.Keser extracted and grafted personally on 3 consecutive days with manual punch.

At 8 months the patient is very satisfied with his transplant. Growth is very good and natural, and he expects more growth in the following months.



[size=120]A 5 MONTHS WITH WET HAIR[/size]

[size=120]AT 6,7,y 8 MONTHS[/size]

Enrique Gonzalez
Dr. Keser’s consultant
Derma-Plast Clinic, Ankara, Turquía
WhatsApp +52 1 777 513 6515

Extremely impressive. I really wish i could turn back time and go with someone like Dr Keser. This way I probably wouldn’t be so harmed and trying to get repaired.

Enrique does Dr Keser do big repairs? Has he had any work done on patients with scar tissue? Thanks.

Dr. Keser, Derma-Plast clinic, Ankara, Turkey, presents an update to this case. 12 months after, which is the definitive result.

Patient comments: ‘I am feeling much better about myself. I have even been getting a lot more attention from women when I go out! I’m not sure if this is from the hair or just the confidence boost, probably a combination of the two. Anyway here are my photos with no product in hair 1 is standing directly under bright light.’