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Dr. Kapil Dua - Body Hair Transplant Results


This gentleman from Australia, a 64 yr old male had undergone 4 Strip surgeries in Australia. And then he came to us for FUE Hair Transplant for the first time in 2013. There was hardly any hair left in the scalp for extraction. So, we took out 800 grafts from chest. Another month down the line we extracted 300 grafts from each areas of chest and beard total 600 grafts. We had to go down to the pubic area as well to extract the grafts, they were curly, and difficult to extract as compared to the rest of the body hair.

Then encouraged by his results, he came back in 2014 when we gave him around 2200 grafts from the body areas only from the areas; chest, scalp and beard.
Then again in 2015, he came and we gave him 1130 no. of grafts taken out from chest and beard.

We are showing below the 2nd session of 2014 year & 3rd session of 2015 year results pictures only, as we don’t have 1st session results pictures.

Pre Op

Immediate PostOp

Result Images


We are happy to share that the same patient had come for the next session of body hair transplant last year and this year again. We had given him 2135 grafts(1810 from beard, 250 from chest and 75 grafts from leg) in 2016 and 1502 grafts (1290 from beard and 212 from chest) in 2017. we are hereby sharing his results after his surgery in 2016 and sharing his review video which was given by him one week after the surgery done in Feb, 2017.

Result Images