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Dr. Hasson FUE hair transplant - Norwood 3A - 2593 grafts - 5 mo - id1932


Hasson & Wong FUE hair transplant, Vancouver Canada.

Patient id 1932
Dr. Victor Hasson’s patient.
FUE technique
2593 grafts
Norwood class 3A
5 month early regrowth photos

Breakdown for the 2593 grafts: 456 single hair grafts, 1710 were double hair grafts and 427 were 3-4 hair grafts. 0.85mm extraction punch was used for the donor extraction.

These photos are taken only 5 months post op, which means more density and regrowth are to be expected.

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Really impressive.


Looks good but seems like a lot of grafts for a small area… also, why does it appear that a “guideline” is still visible on his left temple in the “after” shot? Thanks.