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Dr. Hasson/6340 Grafts/One Pass/18 Months/Strip


Dr. Hasson and I made a quick trip to Italy last week to conduct consultations and to see former patients for follow up documentation. It was a very crazy trip that we crammed into five days round trip (two days of travel,100 patients total).

One of the patients that came to see us for a follow up visit was the patient shown below. 6340 grafts were moved in one procedure via FUT. He basically wanted the best result possible with the most grafts possible. Dr. Hasson and his team addressed every area that showed weakness. I will note in advance that there is no photo from the back to show the crown because quite frankly, I forgot. I was rather taken back by the volume of hair and there were many others around trying to get a look so it was a fairly distracting scenario. Regardless, you can see from one image that the crown was addressed with great success.

Patient age at time of surgery -30
Patient age at time of follow up - 32
Medication history - Propecia for 9 years at time of surgery.
Graft breakdown:
Singles - 1758
Doubles - 4293
3/4 - 289
Total - 6340