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Dr.Hasson 5527 Grafts/ Repair/ One Session/ FUT/ NEW HD Video


This patient in his late 30’s from California decided to stay local for his first hair transplant procedure. Unfortunately as you can see it didn’t turn out the way he had hoped. After further research on forums such as this one he found Dr. Hasson and decided to have him repair his previous work.

Fortunately he still had good donor hair remaining along with great laxity to enable Dr. Hasson to harvest a large number of grafts just 8-9 months after the first procedure. Dr. Hasson eliminated the pluggy unnatural low density look of his old procedure with 5527 grafts. He rebuild the hairline and frontal zone working into the mid scalp. The bulk of the grafts were placed in the front half with a few added to the crown.
The patient was placed on Proscar at the time of surgery.

Graft breakdown: 1107 - singles, 3612 - doubles - 808 - 3-4 hair fu’s.

I posted his still images a few days ago and here is the HD Video of his result.