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Dr.Hasson 5303 Grafts/ One Session/FUT/ 14 Months


This patient recently stopped by the clinic to have Dr. Hasson take a look at his progress. He is in his early to mid 30’s from Vancouver and was thinning in the front half with very little hair left in the crown. Had been taking Propecia prior to surgery and was hoping to address both the front and crown in one session.

Dr. Hasson used 5303 grafts to rebuild the frontal zone with adequate density and give as much coverage to the other areas as possible. The graft breakdown is as follows: (1522- 1’s), (3389 -2’s), (362 - 3-4’s).

This result is about 14 months post-op. It is not uncommon for the crown to lag behind the front as far as the final result is concerned but in this case it came a little later than usual. Even at slightly over a year post-op, Dr. Hasson feels some maturing of the hair in the crown will continue over the next few months. The patient expressed his gratitude and commented the surgery has had a very positive effect on him and he is very pleased with his result.