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Dr. Hasson 4725 Grafts/ FUT /1 Session/ Timeline Results to 9 months


Local patient in his early 50’s was able to visit the clinic on regular intervals to document his progress as displayed below in 3 month, 6 and 9 month stages.

Dr Hasson
Grafts: 4725
Singles: 1212
Doubles: 2336
Multiples: 287
Hair Texture:Medium Coarse

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It looks like this patient lost a lot of hair in his crown in the 3 month photo… but that most if it came back. Was this shock loss? Does the stretching of the scalp for an FUT cause crown hair loss? Thanks.


thats certianly looks like a shock loss and seen in his 9 month photos as well (camouflaged). The shock loss hair did not return. Thats the downside (a major) which the HT doctors avoid to discuss.
Would expect response from h&w on this.