Dr. Hasson 4548 grafts/1 session/FUT/repair/1 yr post-op

This patient in his early 40’s came from Los Angeles to have Dr. Hasson repair the previous transplants he received from the LA area back in the 90’s.
He felt it was finally time to address the unnatural pluggy look of the old grafts and his research led him to Hasson and Wong. Dr. Hasson was able to completely hide the old work by starting with a new hairline working into the frontal zone with high density.

He was then able to work back into the mid scalp and crown while reducing the density to cover all of the areas of thinning or bald skin. 4548 grafts were used of which 1140 were single hair grafts, 3079 were doubles and 329 were 3-4 hair grafts. He is extremely happy to be able to surf in the Pacific Ocean now without constantly having to worry about someone seeing his head. These results are one year post-op.