Dr.Hasson 4435 Grafts/ One Session/ FUT/ 3 Years Post Op

This patient from Vancouver had been thinking of hair restoration for some time. The goal was to try for 4,000 grafts to restore the frontal zone working into the mid scalp as far back as possible.

He loosened his scalp for 2 months prior to surgery and Dr. Hasson was able to harvest 4435 follicular units in one session. 694 were single hair grafts, 3023 were doubles and 713 were 3 to 4 hair grafts.
The donor area was medium to high density and the caliber of the hair was fine. Dr. Hasson also was able to provide coverage in the crown while still delivering the adequate density up front. The patient was very grateful and pleased with the result which, especially considering his fine, hair worked out quite well.

These photos were taken a little over 3 years post-op.