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Dr. Hasson/ 4179 Grafts/ 14 Months/ Strip


This Italian patient came to see Dr. Hasson in March 2013. He wanted a new hairline with strong density but he also wanted to thicken the frontal zone, anterior to the vertex. Dr. Hasson and his team moved 4179 grafts in one procedure for the result you see below, at 14 months post-op.

The results photos were taken in Rome in May 2014 during our most recent trip to Italy which is why there is no familiar blue background. Lighting was provided by bright overhead spot lights and ambient window light on three sides.

Graft Breakdown:
Singles - 1749
Doubles - 2207
3/4 - 223

Total - 4179


well done… too bad so 1990’s… If many docs are doing so well with FUE.
Why bother to butcher the patient? Slicing a 5 inch by 1 inch piece of flesh
is traumatic even if the scar is done well…
which H&W are best at …move to 21 century and and 60% will choose


Wow, it doesn’t get anymore natural than this.


Toppik smell.


i don’t think you could comb through the hair with toppik in it, believe me, I had tried :slight_smile: