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Dr. Harris 1000 by FUE. Pictures... Hairtech


This was only 1000 grafts via SAFE FUE by Dr. Harris. I do not have donor area pictures at this time.


not mention in the after photo he/someone else has combed his hair over the balding area to make it look thicker.
Nice try mate.


» not mention in the after photo he/someone else has combed his hair over the
» balding area to make it look thicker.
» Nice try mate.

Whatever Damon… I usually don’t say much when people smash good results but you try to get this result with only 1000 grafts much less freakon FUE.

Not 3000 grafts… not 2000. Only 1000 grafts.


» not mention in the after photo he/someone else has combed his hair over the
» balding area to make it look thicker.
» Nice try mate.

Damon, why are you so bitter and angry. The guy has some awesome coverage. Now I am not promoting what he did because I am a believer in getting your hair back the slow natural way but give the guy some props. It’s much better and that is not a comb forward. I know what a comb forward is from Widowspeaks photos. This is some nice work. I am sure you wish you could look like that Damon and this is why your attitude is the way it is. I feel for you Damon and it’s unfortunate what happened to you but you need to lighten up. Not everyone is out to screw people. Did you take my advice and get a lawyer Damon?


That’s right, attack & dismiss me to divert attention away from the fact that those photos are deceptive.
The people on this forum that are not profiteers of hair restoration have stated time & time again that they don’t want studio photos that are taken from carefully selected angles yet people like you continue to insult our intelligence.
James bond summed it up best ‘We see an obvious improvement, but most patients are concerned with how their hair will look in the real world of everyday life–not in a perfectly prepared setting.
So docs and salespeople, please post your before and after pictures in a manner not intended to make the results look better than they actually are. It is imperative to style the hair exactly the same, use the exact same camera angles, and use the exact same lighting. Anything else is, IMO, an attempt at deception and bodes very poorly on the reputation of what might actually be a very good doctor.
If you want to style the hair in a manner that best fits the new hair, fine, but please reserve this for non-before/after comparisons.’

Look at the photos, the before & after photos are not taking in the same angle nor is his pre existing hair styled the same way. In the after photo he clearly has a comb over. Why don’t you post VIDEOS of your work as Woods does? Run your finders & a comb through it ! Show us his hairline.
All you’ve done is dismiss my opinion to divert attention away from the fact that you have the audacity to convince people that such a small amount of grafts can cover a head.
I never attacked your skill as a HAIR TECH. nor do I have a reputation for bashing other people’s work or photos. There have been many photos posted here by many doctors, how many times have I smashed good results? . I just find it very ironic that we had a discussion this morning on deception & personal agendas yet this evening you post photos like that.
Rather then responding with more credible photos or a video of that patient to prove me wrong you have dismissed my opinion. How does that make you look ?

Kramer,the eagle never wasted so much time then when he submitted to learn from the crow.



I have posted over and over again the same complains, but at the end nothing happens.

We are interested to see the density and the hairline. Not if combed properly the coverage. That is, hair combed backwards, close up, under direct sun light, wet hair and photos with flash. Only under these circumstances we will be able to judge the results.

I believe it is up to Hairsite to block these uploading photos. Apply some requirements!


You know what guys. I understand you want this and that and I will get better photos for the future… Not everyone out there reading this is agreeing with you. There are a fair number of ghost readers that are seeing my point and your point… which makes this what it is… a forum. And since this is a free nation… I think posting pictures tells many things. There is no deception s of gimics here. It is showing you that 1000 grafts provided pretty damn good coverage. and that’s all. More pictures from me will be coming in the future… but thank you for your input. :smiley:


To start with, got nothing personal with you!

If you check most forum members will express same feelings and complains.

We insist on better lighting photos! We insist on seeing the hair transplanted from all different views, wet, under direct sunlight, photo shoot with flash and etc.
We want to measure the density and that is the only way doing it.


I know I know… dont work… and how is intercytex?


This is not acceptable, you need the money shot with his hair combed back. So far the ones who post good quality pictures consistently are Dr. Arvind, Hassong and Wong and HDC. Dr. Umar sometimes has good quality pictures too. The worst are Woods and sometimes Cole, their pictures are always too dark. I am only talking about the quality of the pictures, okay, cheerleaders please don’t attack!


I know what you are saying… I just threw this one out there to show what 1000 grafts can do. Believe me I know what wet/dry/ different angled pictures can show… I am a veteran poster. Say what you wany about this one… Ghost readers see what I see and they might agree with you. That is what forums are for… discussion and opinions… and they vary. Thank you for your comments.


That is a big area to cover with only 1,000 grafts. Can’t see the hairline, but the coverage looks tops.