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Dr. Gökhan Gür 3500 p


I make hair transplant operation With Dr Gökhan Gür in İstanbul Turkey.
He first told me operation details and he investigate my hair. Then he draw my hair line.This process nearly takes 40 minutes.
Then they shaved my hair. After that they made my anasthesia. I don’t feel much pain.
After that Dr. Gökhan Gür start to collect my grafts with puch machine. After that the made the cannals and he transplant all the follicules that are collected.
After 9 hours my operation is fnished.
Today my hair wash day and i went well.
I will send you my photos.2
I’m very happy to have this operation with Dr. Gökhan Gür. He made all the operation. This is very important for me and now i’m very happy.






Dr. Gökhan Gür does the entire surgery himself? No technicians?


He made local anesthesia, collected the grafts and opened the canals but technicians made the transplant. When i talked Dr. Gökhan Gür he said transplant stage is not need any aesthetic or medical information. He said it is a normal stage.


@Oguz_Marangoz You are very happy already? The photos are probably 1 week post op and all I see are scabs on your head, you don’t even know what the final result is like 6 months later.


I have dream of long hair and this makes me happy :slight_smile: Yes as you said i have wait min 6 monts to see the results.