Dr. Epstein 2200 grafts FUE, close up pic of donor preservation after FUE

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein hair transplant results (Miami, FL)
Patient ID 107965
Male Hair Transplant FUE result
2200 grafts

Here we have a rarely seen FUE donor site photo after 2200 grafts have been extracted. When it comes to FUE hair transplant, donor preservation is the key. One of the advantages of FUE procedure is that it allows the patient to wear his hair short without showing visible scars in the donor site; well, that is only if the FUE hair transplant is performed by an experienced doctor who knows what he is doing. We have seen many cases over the years where patient’s donor site has been severely decimated after a poorly performed FUE session by inexperienced doctors or clinics. Sometimes FUE scarring can be worse than what you would expect from a strip procedure.

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