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Dr. Cole, should we investigate ACell with our own photos?


From time to time we’ve ran into reports of ACell, which amount to regeneration claims. There’s been a Dr. Cole. It’s a shame and marvel we have not gained compelling documentation of a procedure like his, as where some patient could basically just walk into his office, then walk out, and start making sense with photos.

Obviously such a task is doable, and there are those of us who’ll you see do it quite well. You have the whole HASCI affair on display (on the other forum), a daunting task of 800-grafts. Given the experience I gained during all of that, the workflow should be no challenge to repeat, with a smaller amount of grafts. (for example, 200? 300? 400?)

I wish Dr. Cole ran a clinic here in Europe and I might be there to swing.

Dr. Cole, isn’t there any clinic here in Europe, which has your ACell or something? Thanks Dr. Cole!