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Dr. Cole Hairline Repair - Multiple Hair Grafts on the Hairline


Our patient from last week spent a few days at our clinic having previous hair transplant work done by another doctor repaired. Dr. Cole repairs on average, 3 patients per week who have had substandard work performed by other doctors. Our patient in the photo wears his hair forward, so the hairline didn’t bother him too much. His hairline illustrates a common mistake hair transplant doctors make. The shape was too straight and unnatural plus, multiple hair grafts were placed on the hairline. In this case, the multiple hair grafts were removed, divided into singles and redistributed. We added some density to the frontal area that had thinned since his procedure with the previous doctor. Often patients with hair loss just want more hair. When it’s placed in an unnatural way and grows in, it’s then, they understand the value of quality, natural work.