Dr Christiano's interview on 3D printing skin + hair


Exciting vid. One thing that lends credibility for me is that Dr Christiano herself has experienced major hair loss. So esp as a woman I’m sure she’s very motivated to find a cure.

What I’ve gleaned from this interview is perhaps we should be seeing some sort of treatment come out after a year or so. It also looks like they’ve solved many problems with hair multiplication but they still have other hurdles to overcome.

Certainly the other doctors in the chat seemed pretty excited as well since it’s a treatment they can offer to their hair loss patients.

This ofc is a very complex field which is why it’s been so difficult to find a treatment for so long, but I get the sense that she may be fairly close to the solution we’ve all been waiting for.

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It is very nice the video about 3D prnting of skin and hair restration that give the bettter idea for people to understand how it work…