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Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, Brussels. 3058 Strip repair

Patient had previous FUE in another clinic.

Age:- 40

Medication: Finasteride

Breakdown of grafts : 340 x1s, 1407 x 2s, 1065 x 3s, 246 x 4s

Came to us to rebuild the hair line and blend back into native hair.


Post surgery

Video here showing grown out result and donor also.

Repair? What kind of repair did Dr. Bisanga do for him? His hair looked fine, just need more density and coverage.

this is what kind kind of repair???

This patient as said had a previous FUE surgery elsewhere,the number was circa 2000 grafts and resulting in a poor yield and an unsatisfactory hair line for the patient. The donor density was not high so FUE was not a good option for him to re-address the hair line a second time so Strip was opted for.

We placed essentially in an area that was not virgin scalp that had had a previous surgery, so the skin was not virgin where we placed and this itself can lead to challenges, the donor was not virgin and the patient wanted to go in front of the previous work and blend back. He is now happy with the result as per video.

Repair is used often whereby the patient has had previous surgery and this can range from plug removal to addressing density and where the result has not been to the satisfactory of the patient as was here, so covers a multitude of situations.

Had he been a virgin scalp and we were not addressing previous work then it would have had different terminology.

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