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Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, Brussels 3054 FUE 0 - 12 Months then 2040 FUE to Crown


BHR Clinic
Dr. Christian BISANGA
Patient Age: 45
Medication: No
Technique: FUE
Donor Densities: 70/80/80
Hair type: Medium Coarse, Grey
Previous surgery: No

Goals:- Patient with advanced loss and the desire like most for as much coverage as possible and was advised this will be over multiple surgeries.

First surgery aim was to address back as far as possible with the plan to continue the placement for a second surgery into the mid-section and crown. This meant spreading the placement within reason and the grey hair helped in obtaining the illusion of coverage and allowing for this.

A second surgery was then performed some 18 Months after the initial one and we spread back into the crown as far as possible in that surgery also with 2040 grafts via FUE.

  • Total FU in First Surgery : 3,054

  • Hair to graft breakdowns:-

  • 1s: 866
  • 2s: 1488
  • 3s: 561
  • 4s 139

6081 hairs and average Media = 1.99 hairs per graft.

Pre-post surgery

7.5 Months

7.5 Months – Natural light


Second surgery to crown 2040 FUE

Pre-Post Surgery - Wet hair

6 Months