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Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, 3199 Strip 0 - 24 Months

  • BHR Clinic

  • Dr. Christian BISANGA

  • Age: 27

  • Technique: Strip

  • Medication: None (Was on prior to surgery but ceased)

  • Donor density: 85-100-100 FUs/cm2

  • Medium-curly hair

  • Previous surgeries: No

  • FUs: 3,199

  • Graft Breakdown:

  • 1s: 488

  • 2s: 1549

  • 3s: 906

  • 4s: 256

FU total is 3199 and 7328 Hairs = 2.29 Hairs/FU average.

Pre surgery design





Do I have to worry about my existing hair being damaged during a hair transplant? How do you ensure that you are not inserting grafts directly onto an existing follicle? I want to fill in my hairlines but the areas are not completely bald so I am concerned about potential trauma to my existing hair.


Hi Ace

You may want to upload your photos and make a thread for your case but essentially the
doctor can place amongst existing hair and we do this often. We shave the recipient
area to 1mm and under magnification the doctor will cut the recipient sites. Injections
are used to numb the areas and also lift the skin beforehand for the sites to be cut.

Some will have shock loss from the surgery but it usually grows back and
especially so if the patient is on medication to strengthen their hair.

As said photos would be good and am sure others will be happy to assess also but this
surgery is performed for many patients and there is no damage to native hair.

All the best