Dr.Bisanga, BHR Clinic, 2504 Strip, Female Patient, 0 - 28 Months

Firstly, we would like to thank the patient herself for providing photos and allowing her case to be viewed. Please note therefore, that the pictures at 2 years 4 months were provided by the patient herself, and so lighting and angles may not always be under the exact same conditions as the clinic photos and include wet and dry hair.

The goals of the surgery were to rebuild the frontal zone which had diffused loss. The patient had prior dyed her hair blond to somewhat minimise the contrast with the scalp. We are pleased to say that today, as a result of surgery, she has returned to having her own natural colour.

The procedure was FUT (strip) 2504 grafts.




Post-op 2 Years & 4 Months, photos provided by patient

Before & After Comparisons