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Dr. Bisanga / 2600 Grafts / FUE / 35 yr old patient (with Pre & Post-Op photos) - BHR Clinic


Procedure: FUE - 2600 Grafts
1H: 627
2H: 1189
3H: 743
4H: 41
Age: 35
Type of hair: medium fine, slightly wavy
Medication: Propecia 10 y
Density: 85FU/cm²
Miniaturization: -

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Good result and good for him being able to tolerate Propecia for 10 years with no side effects.


Huge difference, and a really impressive result. I agree with Lucky regarding the propecia variable. 10 years on it without sides is quite amazing.


Great Yield! The result is not even see through. Proper surgical approach seems to have prevented transection/shockloss. Great work!


Great hairline.