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Dr. Bernstein


For those considering hair restoration surgery, here is my emphatic recommendation for Dr. Bernstein. I am a physician myself and was fastidious in my research prior to choosing a doctor. I had several consultations, and his recommendation regarding the number of grafts was lower than that of other hair restoration physicians, and that is a testimony to his integrity.

I am extremely happy with the results. I wear my hair combed back, with gel, and my post-surgical hairline is indistinguishable from before the procedure, except it’s lower and more full. It’s amazing how natural it looks.

Although cost was not my biggest concern, his was very fair - actually less than several other physicians I considered. It is significant to point this out, considering his research and development of the follicular hair unit technique.

I hope this is helpful to those considering hair restoration surgery.


he is certainly a well-respected doc…he’s got a great website, full of information. A good place to research.