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Dr. Baubac result - early growth - from procedure in March 2021

2,600 grafts FUE + PRP procedure with Dr. Baubac in March of 2021

This patient had a 2,600 graft FUE procedure + PRP with Dr. Baubac in our Beverly Hills Clinic in March of 2021. The patient experienced very yearly growth at 4 months post op as seen in the 4 month after photos due to having PRP with he procedure. We have also included 5 months post op photos as well – the patient is well ahead of the normal growth schedule.

Dr. Baubac has found that patients who have PRP with their FUE procedure not only see a better final result, but also experience faster healing post op and faster result from earlier growth.

The faster recover due to the PRP allows you to return to the gym faster after your procedure, return to your normal showering routine quicker post op, and allows patients to return to work sooner after their hair restoration.

Benefits from PRP with the procedure

  • Faster healing post-op
  • Much less shedding of the transplanted grafts after the procedure
  • Higher retention of grafts post procedure
  • Quicker regrowth of grafts
  • Faster results

Before and post op



And this postop just after 5 months. Cant wait to see in 7 months and a year.
Baubac… youre truly the best in the biz Mr. Wizard.

Not sure if it is due to PRP or other factors, but Dr. Baubac’s yield is definitely getting better with each set of photos I have seen lately.

We appreciate your comments

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