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Dr. Baubac result 4,000 grafts FUE + PRP


Dr. Baubac result 4,000 grafts FUE + PRP

This patient had 4,000 grafts + PRP with Dr. Baubac to restore zones 1, 2 and 3



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Dr. Baubac 4,000 Graft FUE Result


A bit confused here. Is this his result 2 months postop?


I did not say anything about two months or a timeline. Thank you


The heading on your last posted pic states “2 months later”. I’m not sure why you missed that. Thank you.


You misunderstood. The “2 months later” is a forum generated notification telling users that the original post and the 2nd post are 2 months apart.


Ah ok ok. Thanks for the heads up.