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Dr. Baubac patient result 3,540 grafts FUE


Dr. Baubac patient result 3,540 grafts FUE

This patient had 3,540 grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in our Beverly hills clinic to do a full restoration of the frontal region of his scalp including hairline and all behind.



Post op (graft placement)

Post op 8 days (shows healing)



Very impressive. Nice and natural result. If only some other people can have just as good as a result and great framing without issues.

Based on the number emails i get that are giving me hope/support or are in need of support themselves, you may be able to probably help them.

Do you have any results with combinations of hair from other parts of body?

But this result is definitely a top notch result coming out of the LA / Hollywood area.


thank you


Yes, Dr. Baubac does Body Hair as well as procedures with a combination of scalp hair and body hair.

The below result is a combination of scalp hair and body hair from Dr. Baubac


Where is the body hair taken from? chest?


For BHT with Dr. Baubac beard hair is the first choice, then chest hair.

With a lot of patients who have a body hair transplant with Dr. Baubac we do 1/2 beard hair and 1/2 chest hair.

With a scalp hair body hair combo like the result above it was a combination of scalp hair, beard hair and chest hair.