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Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi Hair Transplant Experience


My experience at Alvi Armani on the day of my 4,351 graft FUE was outstanding.

I arrived at the office around 6:30am and was greeted by Claire who was focused solely on my comfort and preparation as I did my paperwork/forms and then met with Dr. Baubac for a final strategy and design session prior to the procedure. A word on Dr. Baubac - I expected to be schmoozed based on my past experiences in Beverly Hills, and my professional sales experience, but this was NOT the case and I was very pleasantly surprised. He comes off as a consummate professional, but also as a kind human being. He asks questions and then he actually listens. By the time the harvesting began, my anxiety about proceeding with my procedure was at an all-time low.

The procedure lasted just short of the time I was told to expect which tells me this office is well-managed. In my experience, this is generally an excellent indicator of operational quality. There was a lunch break in the middle, which was included and quite satisfying (a menu is provided in the morning).

I want to give special thanks to the techs I spent that day with: Steph, Claire, and Ken, who were charming and friendly throughout the procedure. They also seemed to anticipate when I would need more anesthetic. The team clearly has a well-developed intuition which can only come from experience. They also didn’t mind how many episodes of Family Guy I wanted to watch during the implantation in the afternoon!

I want to say again that Dr. Baubac himself radiated both understanding and confidence. I felt as if I was in the best possible hands with his team, and I’m left with the complete satisfaction that I chose the right clinic for this procedure. That, to me, is the best value I could’ve gotten for the new investment I’ve made in my appearance.


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All 4351 grafts done in one sitting?


In my case it was. 3 phases: harvest (morning), incisions (noon), implanting (afternoon-evening).


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The 4,351 grafts FUE was performed in one session with Dr. Baubac.