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Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi discusses the importance of density - video (Alvi Armani Clinic)


Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi discusses density (Alvi Armani Clinic)


Dr. Hayatdavoudi, great points made. Really like the video. By the way, I called to reach out to you via the agent at the main Alvi Armani number over two weeks ago, I have not heard back. Just wanted to let you know. Thank You.



Hello SeanFUE,

I apologize that you did not receive a call back. Please email me directly at eric@alviarmani.com and I will personally assist you and handle your case.

Thank you

Patient Coordinator
Alvi Armani


Executive case means no shaving at all?



Yes that is correct. This is a non shaving hair restoration option that we offer. for those that do not wish to shave their scalp.



I only see on your site photos of the back where the donor is extracted, can this be non shave for both the donor site and the front where the doctor is going to place the grafts? If my front where I have work done needs to be shaved down to make room for the new grafts, then it defeats the purpose of a non shave surgery. I am hoping for as little down time as possible and be able to return to work without people asking questions.



With the non shaving option that we offer, the top and front of your hair is left long and not shaven at all, allowing you to conceal that you have had the procedure done and enabling you to get back to work and every day life quicker.


Yes, you make some good points. Very serious and professional video. I like it.


Thank you