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Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi (Alvi Armani) - 2,500 grafts zones 1 and 2


The patient below had 2,500 grafts FUE for zones 1 and 2 with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in our Beverly Hills clinic to restore and redesign the patient’s hairline and frontal region.

The patient is 18 months post op in the after photos.

Comparison Photos


Post op (showing graft placement)

After Photos (18 months)

Nice fill in…

though his left side looks like it angles slightly downward
1/4 inch maybe?

Looks like it was done with a ruler…

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by CueBallBob[/postedby]
Looks like it was done with a ruler…[/quote]

I agree, how can the doctor not realize that?

I am curious what his hairline looked like before he lost it, I noticed that some people are born with a somewhat straight hairline but I doubt his was nearly as straight as this.

Pats needs to explain the ruler look or the 1/4 inch drop… on one side

Looking suspicious Pats… you cant post and not reply…

Thanks for the questions everyone. Hairline design is a very important part of what we do at Alvi Armani. Every hairline is individually strategized and designed with Dr. Baubac and the patient before the procedure begins in the pre op meeting. There are many factors that come in to play including artistic design, the patient’s facial features and measurements as well as the patients goal and look they are trying to achieve.

The hairline in this thread was designed for this patient’s specific look. If you could see his full face you would see it looks amazing, but unfortunately the patient did not consent to allow his face to be shown.

Many of you here questioned the below hairline design of this Dr. Baubac result when I only showed the result from the eyebrows up, saying it was too pointy. It wasn’t until you saw the photos of his full face that everyone agreed how fantastic it looked on the patient and how the hairline suited the patient amazingly well.

Dr. Baubac result and great example of hairline design

I wanted to share with you what a very recent patient had to say of Dr. Baubac’s work:

<em>It was everything I expected and more. We spent a lot of time pre-op talking about design, about my mixed ethnicities and how that plays into the aesthetics of my face and where my hairline lands, drew out a preliminary line we all liked and then the next day spent quite a bit of time fine tuning it until we hit on the winner. My wife and I were completely impressed and pleased with the design and the result. Dr. Baubac's demeanor was also just amazing - calm, helpful, supportive, informative - and he had a real eye for design. I could tell he wasn't just taking measurements and applying a formula - he was going for a felt-sense of the aesthetic, which is exactly what I was wanting in a hair transplant doctor. 

John A.

Below are more examples of Dr. Baubac’s hairline work. As you can see there are a wide variety of designs, each tailor made for the specific patient.

Dr. Baubac’s hairline work

Pictures 3 and 7 are of a guy who had 4,000 strip grafts with Armani in 2005.
He only had 977 grafts via FUE with Baubac.
This is according to your web site.
Why are you saying this is Baubac’s FUE work?"

You are correct Trojanboy, the patient below has had procedures with both Dr. Armani and Dr. Baubac, as I stated on our website. Thank you for pointing that out here.

These after photos below are 11 months post op from his procedure with Dr. Baubac.

Wow those 4,000 strip grafts from Armani from 2005 look really great. Too bad he doesn’t do strip anymore.


I think all agree Dr. Baubac’s FUE Hairline’s look just as fantastic

Dr. Baubac result

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