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Dr. Baubac case - 3,500 grafts fue hair restoration

New Hair Restoration result performed by Dr. Baubac of the Alvi Armani Clinic in Beverly Hills. This patient had 3,527 grafts FUE with Dr. Baubac www.alviarmani.com

some updated pics of his result!

Damn good job. If baubac had lowered the hairline by an inch he’d look 20 years younger.

some better quality photos of this result



Wow… very impressive indeed

Very natural and good growth for only 3500 grafts, this works well for him but personally I would want a slighly lower hairline though, not more density, the density he has right now is fine, just a slighly lower hairline.

Generally I agree.

I appreciate everyone’s comments. Yes, everyone wants a “lower hairline” or a “slightly lower hairline” - but what about the top coverage? Will you sacrifice not achieving full coverage up top in the mid scalp and crown to have a lower hairline?

Below is a photo of the coverage we achieved with the 3,500 grafts. Just remember the lower the hairline is placed the more grafts have to be used to lower that hairline, which means less coverage up top. A lower hairline doesn’t look very sexy when you have little to no hair behind it

If we lowered the hairline more - even slightly on this patient that would have required an additional 1,000 - 1,200 grafts at least, which means we would not have been able to get as much coverage as we did and we would not have been able to go back to the red arrow, further the patient would have 1,200 less grafts available in his donor region to cover the top…

So by lowering the hairline more (even slightly) you do two things that create problems
1- you create more area you have to cover
2- you now have less grafts available to cover that larger area you just created because you used additional grafts lowering the hairline

Now your answer could be “well then I will just have more procedures to fill those area in” - however the answer to that is, we do not have unlimited grafts available. Nw5’s more times then not do not have enough donor grafts available to them to have a real low or aggressive hairline and still get complete coverage for the mid scalp and crown.

The hairline needs to be mapped out very carefully and conservatively so that the patient has enough grafts for full coverage based on the patients goals and donor availability.

No need to lower his hairline IMO, I do not mind his hairline at all, I assume the patient is in his 40s or older so this is perfect for his age, this will last him many many years without requiring future touchups.

Yep, age appropriate.

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