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Dr. Baubac, A Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner doctor


Hey Everyone,

I’m excited to announce that Dr. Baubac of the Alvi Armani clinic in Beverly Hills is the newest Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner doctor. I’ve accepted Dr. Baubac onto my website and Youtube channel for a number of reasons.

To preface, these are my observations, and were not told to me upfront by Dr. Baubac but were gleaned from my discussions and were confirmed when I asked for clarification on specific points.

  1. He believes in the “doctor only” approach so you won’t have any surprises about who is performing the procedure on the day of your surgery.

  2. Stereoscopic dissecting microscopes are used to insure single hair grafts are placed into the hairline and you’re not surprised with an unusual number of multi-hair grafts in the hairline. This is, to me, one of the biggest problems I see with FUE only clinics in that they don’t refine their grafts like top tier FUT clinics have always done. I have a bit of experience in that regard and Dr. Baubac does as well and he makes sure this approach to hairline design remains with his all FUE focus at the clinic.

  3. He doesn’t make promises other than that he’ll do the best job he can.

  4. The clinic has a strong support system after your procedure. This is another point that I personally find to be extremely important.

  5. Intra-operative infection control is top notch and it is also a paramount concern for me.

To learn more about Dr. Baubac and why I am happy to announce our collaboration check out my video intro below. This is the first in a series of videos I’ll produce where I eventually show some of the inner workings of the clinic.


I can’t disagree with anything Joe says here… except.

The before and after photos from this clinic definitely show a level of great skill. The coverage is great and the general hairline designs, and generally the angles, are top notch.

However, where Joe sees the use of singles making for a great hairline, period, I see a lateral line of singles that, to my eye, is an obvious transplant job. I don’t doubt that the majority of the general public sees a natural hairline, and maybe I’ve been looking at this stuff for too long…

But in my humble opinion, if the hairlines were slightly more serrated, and the spaces between the hairs weren’t as uniform, the look would by much more natural. I would love it if Joe or Dr. Baubac could respond. Thanks.


Hi CueBallBob,

Thanks for chiming in. First, a clarification in case I wasn’t clear about it in my video; using singles in the hairline is not the only precursor to building a natural hairline. You can easily use only singles and still make an unnatural hairline through the use of bad angles/directions, placement and general design. This is assuming that there is a high growth rate overall which is another issue with some clinics but just by knowing a clinic uses only singles for the hairlines they create is not the only thing that makes them good at hairlines. That is like saying fifteen years ago that just because someone is using FUT instead of min-micro grafts that their work is going to look natural, which wasn’t the case by a long shot.

To address your issue however, I’ve spoken with people that think the “serrated” hairline as you put it, others would call it “jagged” or “sawtooth”, is also unnatural so in that case, you’re both right as these are subjective points. In reality some people do naturally have a sawtooth or jagged hairline and others have a more “linear” shape or pattern. It comes down to the individual, and how hairlines are recreated by man should be determined more by hair type and skin type as some hairs look more natural in serrated hairline styles while others look better in linear styles but the use of singles should be a common denominator.

I will go further by explaining (or reiterating since I mentioned it in the video) that the “singles only” point I make is addressing a larger overall issue that has been very disturbing for me over the past few years and of which I’m seeing on the rise. You’ve been around for a while (at least four or five years) and I would classify you as a hair nerd (that’s a good thing) so you understand my point about “singles only” but most people today do not. This is because the focus has been shifted away from naturalness and density to one of “avoid the strip scar” and “look how cheap Turkey is” or similar unimportant distractions. That’s why I’ve been saying that the standards at which many clinics operate in general today is lower than it was ten years ago and the consumers are letting the clinics get away with it due to this shift in priorities.

But back to my point about Dr. Baubac; he understands that to make a hairline natural he must make it a priority to take the extra step of refining the grafts using microscopes.

Thanks again for your input.


Hi Joe: I didn’t mean to imply that you were saying a “singles only” hairline was the sole criteria for a natural hairline. (But I think that’s what I did!) As to a serrated hairline, I suppose that also has to be better defined. While some clinics make a jagged edge that can be close to 1/8 inches (which, in my opinion) can look good or bad, depending on a number of factors), a jagged hairline can also be “micro-jagged.” In other words, instead of placing the singles in a leading line, have make them jagged by 2 or 4 millimeters. I believe this approximates most natural hairlines at the micro level. And also why not alter the spacing between grafts more? To my mind, these two things would go a long way to improving hairlines. But what do I know? The artistry in hairlines is deceptively complicated.


I think it’s not so much deceptively complicated as it is deceptively subjective, but maybe it’s a bit of both. If you like a bit of variable spacing between incisions the next guy thinks that there is a gap where grafts didn’t grow;) In reality, the spacings are in fact variable as to be exact would require a template with equal spacing, in a grid format, of which I’ve never seen before. I appreciate your input on this and thanks again for your comments.


He is a great doc. His work is impressive. Seems like he knows what is required to frame the face and understands the goals of his patients. Ethics and honesty are key in this industry, so it is great to see him added.



We appreciate the kind words SeanFUE. I will pass them along to Dr. Baubac.