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Dr. Arvind, 11,460 FUE (includes 6873 beard grafts)


Patient details - INITIAL UPDATE

An Argentina based Caucasian Norwood 6 Underwent 2 previous strip surgeries at some other clinic in 2002.

Went through a repair procedure involving grafts from scalp, body and beard.

Graft details
Scalp - 2000
Beard - 6873 (including 207 moustache grafts)
Chest (+abdomen) - 2285
Armpit: 302

Total - 11,460 FUSE grafts (in 1 procedure performed over 8 days)


This seems a great reason never to have a strip hair transplant,what horrific scars.
This man would of been better off just shaving his hair off,than living with them scars,then having to have repair job done.this must damage people mentally.
Just hope he can get over it all and try and have a good life - BLOODY HAIRLOSS!


6873 beard grafts ??? Is this a typo? I have trouble believing that you can get that many grafts from your beard.


Wow…I wonder what the results will bring in a few months



Is there a similar case that shows follow up results? 6000 beard hair is quite a number.