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Dr Armani 4000 grafts, 28 yo. 2 days postop and pics

First off id like to thank all you, the Hairsite community for helping me make the right decision. As you can see i am not a poster of the site, but i have been a very long time reader here. I was one of those who wanted to wait for HM to come out but thats still a long way off and even if it were here tommarrow id never be an overcharged guinea pig for some unexperianced doctor. I wanted to get my hair/confidence back NOW and thanks to previous posters you have given me the the much needed boost to go up to toronto and get this procedure done. I now feel i owe it to the the hairsite brotherhood to report about my experiance and how it goes about.

Toronto is a beautiful clean city! with so much diverstiy in every sense. I plan on returning someday to futher enjoy more of what the city has to offer. Downtown Toronto is about 20 mins from the airport I found a flight and hotel for my 3 day stay @ about 550 usd from JFK airport. unfortunely the us dollor is equal to canidian $ but thats a whole other story. I stayed about 10 mins away from his office (by myself) and took cabs each way.

Now from the moment i stepped into his office i was warmly greeted and promptly had before pictures taken. Thereafter, i got to meet Dr Armani, we sat down he asked me a few questions about my hairloss and told me what his plan for me would be (4000 fue in the front the rebuild my hairline). I also had a real concern about my wife since she had an unfavorable experiance with another plastic surgeon here in nyc. Dr Armani took the time to listen comfort me about the possible solutions from his own experiance as a surgeon, and recommended a few doctors whom could help.

The next day i came in bright n early, i was promtly taken to the surgery room and the work was started. I watched dvds and conversed with the staff while they did thier work.

I would like to point out Dr armani’s staff doesnt seem carry on as normal coworkers, theyre more like a family. And as soon as you meet them you become part of that family as well. I was also delighted at how confient they were. This helped me feel even more at ease knowing that everyone there seemed to be so proficant at thier jobs and answering my questions every step of the way.

The surgery took all day to complete yet Dr Armani and his staff were happy to stop at any momment to allow me to strech, use the bathroom, and had a great dinner for me as well. No attitude at all!

I could not belive how little pain i went thru! The only time pain was felt was with the needles which actually numbed me from any real pain. The only down side was that i have back problems and staying in a chair that long is hard for me, but if i can do it with 2 herniated disk in my back anyone can.

When the process was finlly over, the head tech stayed with me for over an hour while all the meds wore off and he felt completly sure i was safe to take a cab back to my hotel.

The next day i came back had a wash performed, and the tech gave me meticulous instruction of how to wash and care for my head at home, as well as documentation and all the needed lotions pads, etc, even a hat to wear on the plane home. and from there i took a cab to the airport. At the airport people felt sorry for me cause they thought i had brian surgery or something so i usally skipped all lines hehehehehe i had tons of liquids in my bags, they didnt even make me open my bags though.

So here I am at home, so far far 0 pain, but my face is pretty swollen. Luckly ive taken a couple weeks off to recover as they recommended. Not much scabs as you can see. And im so hopefull that every single graft will sprout a thick healthy hair so i can get my confidence and forget about this curse.

Last but not least i want to comment about the price. At first I was a little hesitant because I am by no means wealthy. I am a 28 Yo blue collar worker. I guess out of pure fear and the horror stories ive read and seen i forced myself to save for the absolute best. Thing is people dont understand (including myself untill i witnessed it) how many well trianed professionals have to work dilligently and in complete sythony in order to give you 4000 QUALITY grafts in just one sitting, from what i hear they could only do 500 a day previously. Its a small price to pay when us guys incorently spend it on things like our cars, bikes, vacation, gizmos, etc… People this is your body! your temple! If you want the best! you better be prepared to pay for it, and as for me… IM proud i did!

these are my pics so far, i have before pics as well but i dont really wanna show my face so if and admin can contact me and show me how to blurr it out i will share them as well, if u notice i have a cyst thats been there for years i wanna get rid of it but i dunno if i should touch it becuase of more scarring anyone have advice?? oh and sorry bout the spelling lol God bless!

Your pics are too big. It’s hard to tell scrolling left and right.

» Your pics are too big. It’s hard to tell scrolling left and right.

Ya these need to be shrunk down, im sure the placement is excellent. Dr. Armani is the king of hairlines. I love the hairline he created for me. Just hang in there you should see some growth in about 3 months.

» » Your pics are too big. It’s hard to tell scrolling left and right.
» Ya these need to be shrunk down, im sure the placement is excellent. Dr.
» Armani is the king of hairlines. I love the hairline he created for me.
» Just hang in there you should see some growth in about 3 months.

Thanks I cant wait to see it work out… Ill be posting pics every few months. Ill work on making these pics smaller as well.







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