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Donor doubling timeline by Dr Mwamba

Dr Mwamba wrote the following:

“Right now , we are reviewing Dr Nigam’s protocols and we are designing the study protocol .There is parameters to follow ( such as hair density , hair caliber ,Cross section trichometry , before and after pictures , number of grafts ,…).Dr Nigam had his own protocol of surgery ;we have our own .We should study how we can put everything together so there is a way to analyse the data objectively .
We have also to be aware of intellectual properties about protocols and it should be covered so everybody can be open in the process.While lawyers and administratifs staff are putting all of that together , we are working on establishing protocols .
Then we will start the second phase : selection of candidate with specific criteria .
We are planning to start in January if we do not find any delay with paper work .
From previous experiences , we know it takes about 3 months to start noticing some changes when you do hair transplant .At 6 months , most of the time results start to talk by themselves and it takes about 1 year for full result .
If we start in January , our first observations will be available around April . and by July, we will start to see some evidence and by December , the first conclusions .As we can not rely on one or two patients ,we will keep selecting patients from January to June and adjust our protocol as we go .Therefore , the conclusion of this study will be made around June 2015 and we can objectively say if the technique is viable or not .
Of course as we progress , we may find new ideas , and hopefully all of this will bring us one step forward in our quest to resolve hair loss and provide cutting edge technique and great ,natural and undetectable results .
I will be in India at the end of this month to hopefully finish our paperwork and see how we will move from there .
In the meanwhile , let’s hope and pray for the best to come …”

So now you admit that dr Nigam’s doubling technique not a failure yet? If it was a failure dr Mwamba wouldn’t try to copy it right?

If it wasn’t a failure mwamba wouldn’t bother testing it right?

[quote][postedby]Originally Posted by needhairasap[/postedby]
If it wasn’t a failure mwamba wouldn’t bother testing it right?[/quote]

Dr. Mwamba is well respected, the fact that Mwamba is testing is more meaningful than seeing Nigam’s medical license. If we can have Cole and a couple more well known doctors testing Nigam’s protocol, that’s all we need.

I’m wary of this guy Mwamba.

One guy on this forum keeps pumping his name.

I wonder if that guy is Mwamba doing his own self-promotion on here as a would be expert.

The hair transplant industry has a reputation that’s murky as hell so its caveat emptor regarding anything anyone is saying.

OK I’d like to retract my statement above.

Frankly I don’t know enough about Mwamba to comment on him. If he’s for real and not just into bashing Nigam or running off with Nigam’s ideas without giving Nigam credit for it, then that’s good.

But if he’s genuinely interested in furthering research and understanding what Nigam’s protocols are, then why does he not contact Nigam directly.

Nigam hasn’t kept his research “open source” and shared all he has done. Is Mwamba interested in doing the same?

They are both very much in contact and he is a pretty highly respected surgeon

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