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Donald Trump's hair mystery solved!

This video tells it all, Donald Trump’s hair mystery solved !

Too brief and without close up. A hairpiece that got blown over ?

What close up do you need? How many people do you know are bald in the back of his head but has a full head of hair on top and front? I am willing to bet he had work done.

It looks almost like a hairpiece that was not attached properly or something.

feel sorry for the guy to be honest. He is 71 years of age so will have had procedures
that have left him with zero options but to grow his hair were he can, and wrap it around as best he can. Just goes to show that anyone can be a victim and that no matter how much money one has once your donor is gone its game over.
Wonder in hindsight if he wishes he had just shaved it off rather than have to live like this

Why are you guys keep saying hairpiece? It’s not a hairpiece, nobody in his right mind would get a hairpiece that looks like that, at least I wouldn’t.

I saw at one point he let someone check the hair in the front of his head and the person confirmed it wasn’t a hairpiece.

The video shows something like a combover in the back of his head, he probably had some old fashioned hair flap surgery done many decades ago when hair transplant surgery was still in its infancy.

yes its a triple scalp reduction gone wrong… according to huffington post

Dr. Arvind why do you go by what Huffpost says? You are a doctor, what is your opinion on Trump’s scar? It doesn’t look like scalp reduction scars to me.

I don’t think it is scalp reduction, it is more like hair flap surgery.

Yea, I do feel sorry for him, I am living with strip scars myself, my heart skips a beat when I watched the part when his scalp was exposed in the wind.

BTW, it appears to be hair flap surgery, it doesn’t look like scalp reduction to me.

For all the damage this bozo is doing to the US and the world, I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He deserves even more ridicule.

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I feel sorry for anyone who has to endure a poor hair transplant
would not wish it on anyone to be honest

:slight_smile: because I have not examined him in person

Trump’s response to the public humiliation about his baldspot

The donor area has been overly harvested.
This isn’t a traditional hair transplant.
There would still be some good density.
This is a whole flap like others have said.
He has good hairline & sides,

I bet he freaks out when he wakes up in the morning, like waking up next to cousin it

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