Does minoxidil make your body hairier even if only applied to scalp hair?

hey everyone I wanted to try minoxidil for my hair , but will it make my body hairier even though i will only apply it on my hairline and rest of hair on scalp? Thanks for the help

Yes. Definitely.
Don’t use minoxidil because it accelerates hair loss in many people. You will start seeing your weak terminal hair replaced by many vellus hair.

really? I thought a lot of people say minixodil works, currently im just using finasteride 1.25 mg a day for 2 months now… Will i be able to maintain and possibly regrow some hair with just finasteride?

Minoxidil barely grows scalp hair for people, I doubt it will have any impact on your body hair.

hmmm interesting I saw on r/tressless a lot of people regrew with minoxidil , which one would u say regrows more hair oral finasteride or topical minoxidil ?

yes of course, why not
I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and everything is fine, there are no negative consequences

Yes, and it is completely normal when taking minoxidil can lead to the hair growth on different parts of the body. Minoxidil is the medicine that is most commonly used for the hair growth. Commonly facial hair growth is prominent while taking minoxidil.