Does Lithium Carbonate work as an EFG inhibitor?

I have lots of this in pill form and have been taking this for the last few days… in addition to wounding by using a pumice rock that comes attached on a brush like cosmetic appliance… i hope this works…

Can anyone tell me if this would be fine instead of Lithium Orotate??

Here is some background info on me :

This is my first post so I want to be open about who I am. I don’t understand why no one puts their face pics or other common personal data. Or show us their face when they take pics of their head… it would increase trust by a lot!

My name is Umair and I am 25 years old. I live in Houston, TX. I first noticed hair loss around 17. That is when I got my first comment and it was right where the hair grows out of on the top…My hair loss has really increased since the last two years… so when I was 23…

I have noticed that a little bit of an improvement after 5 weeks of propecia and also the fact that I stopped taking depakote (valproic acid) which can lead to hair being loss. It is an anti-seizure medication that I was taking while detoxing off some nasty pills like Xanax and Klonopin. aghh

Also I have researched that a lack of Vitamin D which is common in benzo users (Xanax/Klonopin/Valium etc) can lead to increased anxiety and also hair loss.

If that is true than I can see why my hair loss really accelerated since last year when I got on those pills…

It has been 5 months since I have been clean and I have noticed just without nething at all I had a little better hair texture and thickness. also I put Vitamin E baby oil for 2 months… perhaps that helped. Than I Started the propecia. So 3 months of some form of minimal therapy.

My next step is to increase hair regrowth and thickness on my crown. My temples are fine but up there I probably need around 1000-2000 new hair follicles.

I could get a hair transplant and be over with this crap but I really believe that you cannot replace natural hair growth. The human hand is not perfect and so I would like all of my hair to grow exactly as it was genetically designed.

I dont’ use Rogaine because it alters blood vessels and can damage your heart.
Also a lot of the hair that grows is whispy from what I have heard. Putting all that alcohol over and over for the rest of your life on your precious head cannot be a good thing.

Propecia on the other hand is something that is fine with me. Also I take Vitamin D. Have been doing so for the last month.