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Does anyone still use apple polyphenols?


I found a bottle for $6.19 on Swanson Vitamins.

I thought about ordering a few bottles. A lot cheaper than the applepoly site.

If it’s an old idea that never did anything, I won’t waste my time. I’m just curious if it helped anyone with hair regrowth.



Hey Perry, I have never used Swanson’s product before, but I can tell you that Applepoly’s Booster capsules, at nearly seven times the price, were the most effective supplement that I have ever used for hair loss. Ever. Unfortunately, the results only lasted several months for me.

There is a reason that Applepoly’s is more expensive: It is a better, much more potent product.

Yes, I have been able to maintain and thicken some hair in thinning areas on my current regimen, but it pales in comparison to the results that I got while taking just the Applepoly Booster capsules for several months.