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Does anyone remember Patent about hair growth after Scalp Peel?


I remember coming across a patent on this forum around 2008, which claimed that people lose hair because they shower with too hot water - which damages scalp and that a scalp chemical peel reverses it. It also claimed that one should shower with less hot water after chemical peel to keep hair. It actually listed specific water temperature as safe upper limit, which I found rather interesting. Does anyone have a link to that patent, I can’t find it anywhere?


sounds like nonsense.

women shower with hot water too yet most of them retain their hair.

did you lose your beard as a result of hot water? if not why would you expect
to lose your hair.


Sounds like nonsense, but is not!

I remember this hot water thing in other relations. Hot water on the head triggers red scalp colour and this coloured scalp is something like micro inflammation.

Hot water on the scalp is definitely not good for the scalp. whether it affects your alopecia is unsure, but it`s not good for the scalp.

Beard hair is body hair! scalp hair is different, not comparable.


I repeat - its nonsense.