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Does anyone have Hair Clone's contact information?

I would like to contact Hair Clone about their follicle banking system. Does anyone have their email address and phone number? Can Americans get involved in this?

This article about HairClone appeared in the Sun newspaper yesterday…

I don’t understand what balding people want in life: to freeze a few follicles or to get their hair back?
Do you really think it is worth even looking at them.
No disrespect but I rate HairClone the least valuable of all current research.

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I’m not sure about them yet. I’m not saying I’m ready to sign-on but I’m also not ruling them out. I’m in the gathering information stage but I’m already to the point that I don’t see any harm in freezing some follicles if I can do that from America. Your follicles age every day and if your donor hairs are even only slightly affected then MAYBE it’s a good idea to freeze some. It’s something to consider. Besides, it’s a way to start the process of fighting back. And perhaps your iced follicles could be used by any research group that ever produces a viable cell-based treatment. I firmly believe that a cell-based treatment is what it’s gong to take to slay this dragon so it might be smart to freeze some follicles now.

Don’t know if I’m going to take that step, but I do know this: we should be monitoring every development in medicine that involves using induced pluripotent stem cells as a cell-based treatment for any disease or condition, from initial discovery of the treatment to approval … whether it’s happened already or in the near future.

The reason for that is that’ll give us some idea as to how long Stemson’s clinical trials and approval process will take.

For instance if we see at least one iPSC treatment get approved by the FDA in the near future that is a VERY good sign that Stemson’s will get approved fairly soon (and maybe sooner if they do the trials in Asia).

It doesn’t matter what the treatment is, whether it’s to cure a deadly disease or for anti-aging of any kind, if it involves iSP cells and it moves from initial discovery to approval, that is a very good sign.

My thing is that HairClone seems to be saying they might be the first to market a treatment and if that’s the case then they could be a good investment. Stemson seems about 3 or 4 years away and Tsuji is doing some delaying.

That aside, HarClone’s main problem seems to be that they have the same inductivity/trichogenicity issues that are stumping every other hair loss research group except Tsuji and Stemson. So what is HairClone’s plan when it comes to inductivity/trichogenicity? Are they going to use Tsuji’s technique or Stemson’s technique to get around the inductivity/trichogenic problems? Or has HairClone came up with a new solution to the problem? Plus there’s also the issue of direction and it seems like Stemson has solved that problem but I’m not aware that HairClone has a solution. I would need answers to these questions before investing in HairClone’s effort. But they continue to add good talent to their team so it makes me wonder what’s going on with HairClone.

Do you think HairClone has a viable solution for the inductdivity/trichogenicity issues? Do you think HairClone has a solution to the direction issue?

What do you think about these issues, Roger?