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Do you know methods to make the illusion of more amount of hair?


Hello :slight_smile: At the beginning, a few words about me: I am a Newbie here. As far as I remember, I’ve had very-very thin hair during whole my life. And when I say “thin”, I really mean thin. It is like transparent. Unfortunately, lately, I’ve lost the 5th part of what I had had :disappointed: I know it is not a disaster. But when people laugh it seems to me they laugh at me. I know it’s not so, but… I tried to invent methods how to hide it. I usually go with the hat on me. Also, it seems to me if I curl my hair it can look more volume and like I have more hair. Is it ok, if I use the professional curling iron? It is expensive, but haven’t to damage hair a lot(or isn’t it true?). Or better to avoid heat devices at all? But what to do then? :confused:


Hair loss has been the main cause of depression for both men and women in this day and age. There are so many factors that can be accountable to the cause of hair loss but the main culprit has always been the effect of stress.


Hair Loss is one of the big main problems for all women.Why is this Happening? the main problem is Stress, Pollution, Dandruff are You are using the wrong shampoo.The Best suggestion for You is Hair Extensions by adding this It makes your hair to look more amount /Volume. Finally, it is very easy to use. In Hair Extensions there are 3 types clip in Hair Extension, Tape in Extension and Keratin Hair Extension.You Look will Change totally.