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Do u think i should go for Dutasteride 2.5mg? (pictures?


This is taking a year ago:


ive been using only minoxidil.
i would say thats it stopped atleast because i used to get this:

im 22 and ive never had thick hair.


hi well its up to you to use higher dose avodart i do know it was said that from 0.5 to up to 2.5mgs a day was the optimium for hair regrowth but remember that 0.5mgs a day still lowers dht more than 5mgs of propecia so if you are using avodart at this time for a year and you are not happy you could try 2 caps a day but going straight onto or from 0.5 to 2.5 a day is a bit much and expensive as with all of us our bodies are different and what works for one maynot work in another.
Also you are young and side affects may hinder you if you up the dose slightly then you may find the balence you need i did myself use 2.5mgs a day and due to cost i went back to 0.5 as it did for me not grow hair any quicker and is still no miracle.


I think it will be better if you use natural methods for this situation. Higher dose of this medication may also have side effects.


natural stuff = bullsh&t.

Don’t waste your time on that nonsense. Many have and lost tons of hair as a result of being misled.

0.5mg dutasteride per day essentially shuts down a lot of DHT production of both type 1 and 2 isoenzyme. I would NOT go for 2.5mg as its benefits are not significantly greater than 0.5mg and the risk of sexual side effects at 2.5mg are unknown.

I would try applying 0.5mg topically in addition to taking it orally to see if it helps any.

Beyond dutasteride + minoxidil, you’re doing all you can for your hair loss.

Only other addition might be Nizoral shampoo.