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Diamond hair clinic review

The clinic itself is cleanly and hygienic, with friendly staff. I received my hair transplant via the sapphire technique which takes individual hair follices and implants them without scarring the head. The doctor answered all my questions and was quick to answer any questions I had post operation. It’s been 3 months in and the operation is showing promising results and I have high hopes that this will be a great success. Overall this is a genuine clinic, and one that I could recommend to others if they were looking at getting a hair transplant. However

As good as the clinic is, it isn’t perfect.
The operation length is very long and will take up at least half the day for a reasonable hair transplant. It may have been miscommunication or mismanagement of time but my operation lasted about 2 to 3 hours longer than what was communicated to me. As the operation is very long you will most likely want to eat and the food while somewhat edible was worse than mediocre and I would recommend getting food from a different source. Finally the operation being as long as it is will make you very fidgety if you stay awake and so what wasn’t said to me is that you should try and sleep throughout the operation. As for myself I was awake for a large portion of the second half of the operation to the point where it was painful so I must reiterate try and sleep during the operation so that the painkillers can do their job more easily.

Overall as long as my issues are taken into consideration there are no issues I can foresee for any others wanting the operation.