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Dhi london


hi to all , I am thinking of using dhi London for a mixture of scalp and beard hair transplant
any one recommend this company as a safe bet for treatment.


A lot depends on your goals and expectations. Every doctor or clinic has something different to offer. DHI has posted some nice results recently, mostly “less-is-more” approach requiring few grafts which IMO is a good thing.

As for using beard as donor, I am not sure if this is something that they do.

Click this link for a summary of DHI patient results published here, I don’t see anything using beard as donor.



Thanks for reply it is very helpful to see those results
they perform body hair and beard transplants also.


Why DHI? I am not saying they are bad, just curious why you pick DHI.


Hi they can transplant beard and body hair as well as scalp hair wich is what I need , I have descent coverage but it needs bulking up ie thick beard hair could do the trickk


Dear Synthetic,

DHI performs all kind of sessions for hair restoration. Body hair, beard hair, scalp hair, MPG, PRP etc

Here is an example of a patient that implanted his beard hairs to his scalp:

He implanted 698 beard hairs and another 1000 hairs from his body.

For any inquires don’t hesitate to contact us.




thank you looks great


Have you checked out the price difference between the London location and their other locations in Greece or are they all more or less the same?


There are some small differences in prices due to different economies between countries. You may ask for pricelists at info@dhiglobal.com.