DHI clinical studies at major public universities

DHI Medical Group, pioneer in Hair Restoration research for the last 45 years, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the universities of Athens, Lyon, Rome and Prague. This collaboration started some time ago with courses in medical students and doctors and continues with an opening series of scientific papers and protocols on investigating various parameters relating to hair restoration, such as the final growth using our new technique which is almost 97%.
In this context, DHI is seeking suitable candidates for the realization of these clinical studies which will be free of charge and be carried out by DHI specialists master surgeons under the supervision of both the DHI scientific medical director, and the head professors of these universities. The first phase of research will take place at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and candidates/patients who will be selected should meet the following requirements:

Age from 25-45
Norwood 2-3
Without previous HT sessions

In order to enter the first stage, a candidate/patient must send an e-mail with clear pictures showing the problematic scalp area and the donor site at the following e-mail address: dhiclinicalstudies@dhiglobal.com

What exactly does “various parameters relating to hair restoration” mean? Am I getting a free hair transplant or you are just going to examine my scalp?

Bby various parameters we mean all the parameters that play a significant role on an HT both for its success as well as for the experience of the patient. Some of these are:

  1. Local anesthesia
  2. Preservation solution
  3. size of tools (all of them under 1mm in diameter)
  4. depth and angle
  5. final growth

Yes the HT will be free of charge for the selected candidates.

Can I apply if all I want is to repair my strip scar? I do not want to tattoo my strip scar though.

Is this available for men only?

Hi stitchmeup,

Yes you can aplly for your strip scar.

Hi Lyn,

It’s also for women, so please fill in the application according the instructions mentioned in my first post.