Detailed interview from Geoff Hamilton, Stemson

This interview of CEO Geoff Hamilton from April is the most detailed interview from Stemson Therapeutics so far.

Some takeaways:

The first round of human trials will be a combined safety plus efficacy trial in 2025, ahead of larger clinical trials

Clinical trials will most likely be the following year in either the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore or the UK

The reason for the possible trials in locations outside
the US is cost and a slightly quicker approval time

The reason for the Aderans deal is not to add their cells to the Stemson treatment, but to market a separate treatment. The Aderans cell injection treatment will be for hair loss prevention (treatment of the early stages of hair loss) while the Stemson treatment can grow new hair on a completely bald person

They should be able to grow at least 80 new hairs per square centimeter or even more. By tweaking their procedures they have the ability to control density and even the thickness of individual hair shafts.