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Day 16 post op MuscleBoy


Hey guys, I have posted my day 16 post op pictures on my blog. I am a bit concerned about shock loss right behind the recipient site. The area appears much thinner than it used to be (or maybe it’s just in my head, since the hairline is thick?). I am assuming that if it is shock loss that the hairs will grow back because the hairs there were strong and thick. Is shock loss uncommon at 2 weeks post op? I usually hear stories about shock loss occurring after 3 weeks, so I’m a bit puzzled. I did email Shane, so I will wait to see what he has to say. Other than that, the grafts are still in place and the crusts continue to lift. The hairline looks great, so I’m real excited to see it grow out in the coming months. Here’s my day 16 update:

Day 16 post op update (blog)